Action to Improve Representation

Action to Improve Representation (AIR) aims to improve representation in management scholarship through a program targeted at early career business and management academics from underrepresented groups in India.

Inequalities hurt businesses and societies. Representation is key to equality.

Business and management academics in India and Indian-origin academics worldwide are a fairly homogenous group of scholars drawn from the top-end of the caste hierarchy. For example, less than one in 10 million people from the lower castes (estimated to be between 70 to 80 percent of India’s population) have become management academics in the ‘elite schools’ of India.

Further, although statistics are not available, individuals from other groups too are underrepresented (e.g., women, religious minorities, sexual minorities, and people with disabilities and functional impairments). While the entry of individuals from the underrepresented populations is uncommon, their survival and success are exceptionally rare because they lack not only economic capital but also social and cultural capital.

Through AIR, we intend to make a small beginning to change this by providing a platform to support the scholars from underrepresented groups in India. We propose to conduct several initiatives, events and projects to improve social diversity in management academia. As a first step, we plan to organize a Writing and Mentorship Program to support business and management scholars from these groups and amplify their voices.

Want to know more about the program?

AIR’s Writing and Mentorship Program will run for one year and has two components: Skill Development and Mentorship.